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Serum separation gel cleaner

类型 其他辅助耗材

Serum separation glue cleaning agent is a cleaning agent specially developed by Jiean Biological for the characteristics of serum separation glue difficult to clean. It is a colorless transparent liquid with low viscosity and no irritating odor, which can quickly remove serum separation glue. The cleaning agent has the following characteristics:

1. Green, non-toxic and pollution-free, no adverse stimulation to human skin;

2. The cleaning effect is more obvious. It can effectively remove the serum separation glue adhering to the surface of glass, steel plate, leather, plastic and clothing.

3. Cleaning is quick and easy to rinse. It can quickly dissolve the serum separation glue to achieve the effect of rapid removal. After removing the serum separation glue, the cleaning agent can be washed away with clean water, without residue;

4. Convenient storage and transportation, not easy to burn, not easy to volatilize.

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