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Guangzhou Jiean Bioscience & Technology Co.,Ltd established in 2004,Guangzhou Jiean Bioscience & Technology Co.,Ltd is a enterprise gather scientific research, production, trade in one integrated enterprise,mainly provide superior serum separation gel and other raw materials.
Jiean regard innovation as the source and development as the driving force, we constantly develop and introduce high-tech products, and our R&D products have obtained a number of national patents.
  Based on the principle of serve public, the company will study the thoughts and ideas from advanced enterprises at home and abroad , taking"decision-making innovation" as the core of business management, perfect quality assurance system and concept & market & user market operation concept, actively cooperating with domestic and overseas friends from all walks of life, pushing, willing to act as the "booster" of high quality products, continuous innovation, the pursuit of excellence, the best products, best service dedicated to the society.

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